Customize and Launch a Service from the Runbooks Page

Administrators and managers can launch a Service from a Runbook and add all assignments and time estimates to get the estimated cost and effort to complete the Service. Cost estimates are calculated from the cost per hour for the assignee(s) and the time estimate of the Service and its Tasks.

For more information: Read the Runbooks, Services, and Tasks Overview article.


Follow these steps to estimate and customize a Service from the Runbooks Page:

  1. Select the workgroup on the top of the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Runbooks on the left navigation pane.
  3. Click the ellipsis for a Runbook, and then select Estimate and Customize.
  4. Select the customer on the right information pane. The right information pane also displays the number of times the Runbook/Service was previously completed, the previous assignee, and the previous true cost to complete the Service.
  5. Click Estimate and Customize. The Service Customization Page appears.
  6. On the Service Customization Page, select the Service assignee. The cost per hour for each agent is displayed and will be used to calculate the cost estimate.

    Note: The Service assignee is automatically assigned for all the Service’s Tasks. However, Tasks can be individually assigned to different agents.

  7. Select the assignee for each individual Task if they differ from the overall Service assignee.

  8. Enter the cost of materials for the Service. For example, enter the cost of items that you need to purchase to complete the Runbook or Service, such as hardware or software licensing costs.

  9. Enter the time estimates for each Task in the Service.

    Tip: Click Show Details to view the instructions for the selected Task, which might give you the information needed to define an accurate time estimate for the Task.

  10. The total cost estimate for the Service is displayed at the top, and the cost estimates for each Task are displayed in the Labor Cost column.

  11. Click Launch Service to start the Service. Assignees will be notified that a Service and Tasks have been assigned to them.


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