How do I set throttling levels on my source system?

How do I set throttling levels on my Source system?


In a low-bandwidth or low-performance environment, you may be required to cap the bandwidth used for migration purposes in order to avoid any disruption of service.

We recommend the following:

  • You can limit the number of concurrent connections on your project (we will only open one network connection per item).
  • Many systems (like Exchange 2010 or later) allow you to configure throttling policies which can be used to control load.
  • Many routers or firewalls allow you to configure rate limits by URL or originating IP.

In addition, note the following:

  • In a low-bandwidth environment, we recommend pre-staging your data ahead of time.
  • If it is useful to know incoming IP addresses, you may implement an IP lockdown for your migration.
  • When submitting migrations, you can specify a delayed start (for example,start the migration at 1 AM on a Saturday).
  • The ideal number of mailboxes to migrate so as to fill a given bandwidth can be calculated using this KB article.
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