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How do I migrate Google resource mailboxes to Exchange or Office 365 (Exchange Online) resource mailboxes?




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    Jared Kennefick

    You should specify at the end "Next, you should add all of the user mailbox items to the migration project and configure the project according to your scenario. Refer to the G Suite to On-Premises Exchange Migration Guide or the G Suite to Office 365 Migration Guide.​

    ...That you should create a NEW and separate migration project, because earlier you say to include the item MigrateGmailAllCalendar=1  which should only exist for the project you are creating doing the resources.  Otherwise all user calendars will migrate as separate copies if user mailboxes are in the same project as your resources with this setting.  That wouldn't be good, users who are using a shared calendar would each have their own copy of that calendar from what I understand.

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Jared,

    Thank you for the comment. While you can create a new project for just your users calendars, it is not necessary. Part of this guide advises you to apply folder filters and mappings for the resource rooms. This means that when you run a migration, we will only look for the specified resource in the filter and then map it to the destination based on the folder mapping that was applied to the project. 

    If you have run into an issue with your project directly, or you would just like to speak to someone regarding this type of project and the best way to scope and run the migration, I would recommend that you reach out to our support team, and they will be happy to assist you further with your project or planning. I will include a link below if you choose to contact them.

    Contact Support



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