Why was my Sent Items folder not migrated to the correct folder at the destination?

Why was my Sent Items folder not migrated to the correct folder at the Destination?


This article applies to mailboxes whose Source "Sent Items" folder was successfully migrated, but whose location at the Destination is different from the expected one.

The IMAP protocol only identifies the "Inbox" folder as a system folder. There is no clear identification of other system folders such as "Sent Items", "Deleted Items", etc.

For example, a "Sent Items" folder may be labeled as “Sent Items”, “My Sent Items”, “Sent”, “Sent emails”, “Courrier Envoye”, ”Sendte emails”, etc. There is no reliable way for us detect if a specific folder is a Sent Items folder. For this reason, we map folders by name.

​​However, we support folder remapping as an advanced feature. To implement specific folder mappings:
  1. Go to Advanced Options. To enter Advanced Options within the new MigrationWiz interface, select your project name, then click on Edit Project at the top left, then click on Advanced Options at the bottom right​.
  2. ​Within the Support Options section, specify the following:


Example: FolderMapping="^My Sent Emails->Sent Items"

​​      3. Click on Save Options.

      4. Click on Save Project.

Note: The expressions on the left and the right are regular expressions.

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