How do I suppress reminders for old appointments?

​​How do I suppress reminders for old appointments?


When a calendar item has a reminder on it, we will migrate the calendar item, and also its reminder settings. When a reminder is dismissed, the fact that it was dismissed may be stored locally on the email client. For example, Gmail/G Suite does not store whether an appointment has been dismissed or not on the server.

Therefore, when items are migrated from the Source mail system to a new Destination mailbox, previously dismissed reminders may be reactivated. In most cases, a one-click action is sufficient to dismiss all reminders. However, OWA may struggle to dismiss thousands of reminders and "hang". To suppress reminders for old appointments, before migration, set the following Advanced Option: SuppressReminderDays=X


  • Click on Edit Project.​​
  • Click on Advanced Options.
  • In Support Only options, set: SuppressReminderDays=X

    • The value of X must be between 1 and 365 (inclusive).
    • Setting a value of X will mean that appointments whose end date is before [date of migration - X days] will have their reminders suppressed. 
    • Advanced Options are case-sensitive. The entry should be entered exactly as above (but change the "X" to a numerical value).


If you were to run the migration on July 1, and set the SuppressReminderDays=30

  • Appointment #1 -> end date is in the future -> reminder not suppressed
  • Appointment #2 -> end date is June 12 -> reminder not suppressed
  • Appointment #3 -> end date is May 17 -> reminder suppressed

Note that for recurring appointments, we will evaluate the end date of the first occurrence to determine if reminders should be suppressed.​

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