Lotus Notes Error: Lotus Notes keeps asking me to trust the signer

While migrating email from Lotus Notes, the Lotus Notes client displays a pop-up asking me to trust the signer.


In order to resolve this issue, proceed with the following:

  1. Close your Lotus Extractor.
  2. Open the Lotus Notes client installed on the same machine where the Lotus Extractor is running.
  3. Open the File menu, then go to Security > User Security.        

     User security menu

  4. Expand What Others Do, then click on Using Workstation, under "When code is signed by:" select -Default-, then checkmark the box for Current Notes database.

    User security 

  5. Click on OK, then close the Lotus Notes client.
  6. Restart the Lotus Extractor, and then the migrations if they timed out​​.
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