Lotus Notes Error: Cannot reach your Domino Server

Cannot reach your Domino Server: This error indicates that the configuration of your Lotus Notes client is incorrect or does not allow the Lotus Extractor to reach the Lotus Domino server.


  1. If it is open, close your Lotus Extractor.
  2. Open the Lotus Notes client deployed on the same machine as the Lotus Extractor.
  3. At the bottom right, click on  Online (may be different on your machine) then Edit Locations.

    Clicck "Online" button at the bottom right 

  4. From the location list, select the one used by the client to reach the server and click on Edit.

    Select a location then click Edit... 

  5. Select the Servers tab and review the value of Home/mail server. The value must be a valid IP address or a server name. Note that this value cannot be of the form CN=xxx/O=xxx.

    Select the server tab and edit the value of Home/mail server 

  6. Save your configuration.
  7. Make sure you can still open a Lotus Notes session using the administrative account and the same location.
  8. Close your Lotus Notes client to release the lock taken by the Lotus Notes client on the notes.ini file.
  9. Start the Lotus Extractor and try to authenticate again.​
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