Lotus Notes Error: Cannot open database <remote servername>!!<filename.nsf>

​Cannot open database <remote servername>!!<filename.nsf> This error indicates that the Lotus Extractor failed to open the database <filename.nsf> on the remote Domino Server you specified.


  1. Check that the <remote servername> is in the form of a hostname or an IP address. If it is represented as a distinguished name (CN=xxx/O=xxx), the Lotus Extractor will not ​be able to find it.
  2. Check that <filename.nsf> exists on the server and is not misspelled.
  3. Check that the user performing the migration has sufficient permissions. Be sure that the ACL options grant the account correct access rights to this database.

To access server settings, see: KB004253 (Cannot reach your Domino Server)​

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