How secure is the Lotus Extractor?

​​How secure is the Lotus Extractor?


MigrationWiz is used by the most secure organizations including healthcare, government and banking institutions. The Lotus Extractor communicates with MigrationWiz web services using HTTPS. All communications with MigrationWiz web services are therefore encrypted and authenticated using SSL.

The Lotus Extractor also communicates with a set of secure migration servers. For this purpose, the Lotus Extractor sends and receives data over HTTP. Note that HTTP is a non-encrypted (clear text) communication channel. However, the Lotus Extractor encrypts all mailbox data using military-grade AES encryption when communicating over this IP-based channel (for which SSL certificates are not available).

The key used to encrypt mailbox data is specific to each Lotus Notes connector. This ensures that all communications can only be decrypted by two parties: the Lotus Extractor and peered migration servers. MigrationWiz uses 256 bit AES keys to encrypt the data, providing connector-specific military-strength encryption to all mailbox data.

During initialization, the Lotus Extractor will request both MigrationWiz and Lotus Notes credentials. Any specified password is masked during input so as to protect the confidentiality of your data. Credentials you specify are kept in memory but never saved to disk. As a result, you must provide credentials each time you restart the Lotus Extractor.

Finally, the Lotus Extractor is built from source code and zipped as part of our build process. Therefore, no human intervention is required in order to generate the Lotus Extractor executable and its corresponding zip archive. This eliminates risks associated with manual generation of zip archives (including embedding of a virus or Trojan).

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