MigrationWiz – Lotus Notes Mailbox Migration – Export a User List

The Lotus Extractor works with the Lotus Client to create a list of all users.  On initial startup, the Lotus Extractor will generate a CSV file named "LotusExtractor.csv" that can be used to bulk import mailboxes for migration into MigrationWiz. This file is automatically generated in the same directory as the Lotus Extractor executable.
Note: If the file already exists, it will not be regenerated when opened. If you need to generate a new CSV file, delete the existing one, and restart the Lotus Extractor.

This generated file contains all identified user email addresses from the Domino Directory.
Note: Our Lotus Notes migration solution requires administrative credentials, so the “Source Username” and “Source Password” fields will not be used in either the LotusExtractor.csv or the Bulk Upload option within MigrationWiz.


  1. Open the folder where the Lotus Extractor has been installed.
  2. Locate the LotusExtractor.csv file.
  3. Copy the LotusExtractor.csv file to the desktop or another location.
  4. Open the copy of the LotusExtractor.csv file from the save location.
  5. Find the column titled Source Email.
  6. Delete all columns except the Source Email column.
  7. Make sure that all the email addresses in the Source Email column are the ones to be included in the migration.
    Note: Email addresses can be added or removed from this column without affecting the Lotus Extractor.
  8. Save the file.

This can then be copied into the Bulk Add form as described in How do I import mailboxes into the system without entering them one at a time?

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