Lotus Notes Error: There is no user matching <email> in the Lotus Domino directory

​​​There is no user matching <email> in the Lotus Domino directory. This error indicates that the source email address was not found into the Lotus Domino directory.


Perform the following verification steps:

  1. Check that the email address is not misspelled.
  2. Check that there is a user in the Lotus Domino directory whose field Internet address contains exactly the same value.
  3. Check that the field Internet address contains only one email address. If there are several addresses (see screenshot below), specify the first one in MigrationWiz for the ​mailbox configuration.


The field "Internet address" contains 2 email addresses; in that case, specify "john.doe@mycompany.com" in your MigrationWiz mailbox configuration.

       4.  Ensure that the Domino Admin is NOT installed on the machine the extractor is running on.

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