Migration Status: Waiting for User


There are a few cases where this will occur:

Case 1:

This will occur if migrating an account without admin credentials and an extra step for authentication is required. In such cases, the user needs to log in to their Source account, and look for an email message with the subject heading "ACTION REQUIRED: Information required for your migration."

The User will need to click on either the link in the email for Source or for Destination, and follow the prompts. The migration process will be stopped until these steps are completed.


Case 2:

This can occur if the checkbox labeled I don’t know the user name and password to the mailbox is checked for a user account.

When this option is selected, MigrationWiz sends an email to the mailbox owner asking them to provide credentials over a secure link. Your migration will remain in this state until it is stopped, or the mailbox owner provides valid credentials.


We recommend either:

  • Ensuring that the mailbox owner provides credentials by clicking on the secure link


  • Stopping the migration, editing the mailbox, entering valid credentials, and resubmitting.

​​​NOTE: For more information about this status, read What are my options if my MigrationWiz dashboard shows "Waiting for User"?

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