How do I get the subject of failed items?


MigrationWiz is used by the most secure organizations in​cluding healthcare, government and banking institutions. In order to comply with privacy policies and securi​ty regulations, we do not store any item subject by default. You can have us store and report the subject of failed items using an opt-in option if you wish.

If some items failed to migrate but you did not ena​ble subject logging prior to the migration, nothing will be logged. Therefore, you may want to retry failed items after enabling this option. Failed items will be reprocessed and we will log their subject and folder path (if available).

To enable subject logging of failed items for all mailboxes under a Project:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  2. Edit your Project.
  3. Open Advanced Options.
  4. Under Maintenance, checkmark the option Log subjects of failed items.
  5. Click on Save Options.

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