How do I specify how many items to migrate simultaneously?

​How do I specify how many items to migrate simultaneously? 


Specifying the number of simultaneous items to migrate will control the amount of needed bandwidth. Submit all of the mailboxes for migration, and the system will enforce the number of items that we perform simultaneously and automatically under the covers. We only open one network connection per item actively migrating.

​To specify the number of simultaneous item migrations:

  1. Sign in to the MigrationWiz account​.
  2. Click on the name of the Project.
  3. Click Edit Project.
  4. Click on Advanced Options.
  5. Under Performance, set the appropriate value for the "Max. Concurrent Migrations".


  • The default value is 100. If there are bandwidth concerns about the source server, we recommend setting this to a lower value, such as 15, to ensure that the source server does not get overwhelmed with migration requests.
  • This value may be modified while mailboxes are migrating. It may take a few minutes for the modified setting to take effect.
  • Increasing this number will increase the number of simultaneous migrations instantly. For example, if the value is set to 5 and the value is increased to 10, 5 additional items will begin to migrate.
  • Decreasing this number will not decrease the number of items currently migrating. For example,​ if the value is set to 10, and the value is decreased to 5, 5 items currently being migrated will not be immediately stopped. Instead, all 10 items will continue to migrate and only when the active migrations drops below 5, will additional items start migrating. To decrease the items in progress, stop the migrations that exceed the limit and resubmit them.​​
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