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Folder Filtering




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    Amrutha Josyula

    The above guidance is unique only for mailbox folder filtering. I have been attempting to do folder filtering while migrating team folders from Dropbox to SharePoint Online, and I found out that you need to add a / before the folder name for the filtering to work. For example

    ^(?!/Testfolder1|/Testfolder1/) - This will migrate the TestFolder1 and it's sub-folders.

    ^(?!/Testfolder1|/Testfolder1/|/Testfolder2/Sub_folder1/) - This will migrate the Testfolder1, all it's subfolders and 'Sub_folder1' from Testfolder2

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    Kyle Rinner


    You are correct, document migrations work a little different.  With a folder filter, you can look at the user's folder summary in the project to get the correct filter.

    Here are some of the common document migration root folders:

    Root Folder
    Box All Files
    Azure File Root Folder
    DropBox /
    Google Drive My Drive ( or translated version of it)
    OneDrive Documents
    SharePoint We use the library name as root folder
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