How are shared document permissions handled when migrating documents?


When people are working together on projects, they tend to share documents and folders with each other. You will typically want these permissions and shares to be migrated as well. 

This is the case for most document migrations, including:

  • Google Drive to OneDrive for Business
  • OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business

To ensure these items are migrated successfully, there are a few requirements to take into consideration:

  1. Make sure that the users and groups exist on the Destination prior to migration. If we cannot find the user or group, it is impossible to assign the correct permissions.
  2. Make sure the ​username (before the @) is the same. For example, can become
  3. Make sure the groupname is the same on Source and Destination.
  4. Make sure the administrator domain is the same as the user domain. If your Destination users are, the admin user has to be
  5. We recommend that you create a different administrator account, such as, that is not a user you migrate.


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