DeploymentPro Configuration in Outlook Profile

DeploymentPro is a lightweight agent that quickly configures Microsoft Outlook to send and receive e-mail from Office 365, as well as copies over the users' current Outlook settings.

DeploymentPro does the following:

  • Creates a new mail profile
  • Configures the new profile to send and receive e-mail from Office 365
  • Sets the new profile as the default mail profile
  • Attaches any existing locally-stored PSTs from the current default mail profile
  • Copies over the signatures from the current default mail profile
  • Copies over auto-completes from the current default mail profile​ if the source is Exchange.
  • Sets Cached Mode to ALL for downloading mail for the new OST file in the new Outlook profile. See How to Limit Cached Information After Cutover for more information. 
    Note: Auto-completes were previously ​copied from the user's .NK2 file but are now copied from MAPI

DeploymentPro does NOT:

  • Install a new copy of Microsoft Office or Outlook
  • Install service pack updates for Microsoft Office or Outlook
  • Install the Microsoft Office 365 desktop setup utility
  • Import existing PSTs into the Office 365 mailbox
  • Set the ​New Messages or Replies/Forwards default signatures. These need to be set manually. See Is the default Signature set with DeploymentPro? for more information
    Note: DeploymentPro does, however, copy over the signatures from the current default profile. They just need to be chosen and set to be used for new messages and replies/forwards
  • Attach existing network-stored, or externally-stored PSTs from the previous default mail profile
    Note: These will be logged as errors in the DeploymentPro log files
  • Force Outlook to use a default profile if the user has previously configured Outlook to prompt which profile they would like to use
  • Maintain shared calendars or ​mailboxes
  • Reattach any secondary accounts that were included in the originating profile
  • Migrate any content from .nk2 files. This includes autocomplete information
  • Migrate client-side rules. Server side rules are migrated using MigrationWiz, depending on endpoints (Exchange 2010+, including Exchange Online). For more information, see Which items are migrated with MigrationWiz?
  • Reattach, import, modify, or delete the User's OST associated with the previous profile



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