What are my options for uploading files to Azure storage?

There are several options available. If metadata information or permissions are needed from an On-Premises environment, like FileServer, use the BitTitan UploaderWiz tool.

Use BitTitan's UploaderWiz tool to upload data to your own Azure storage account in a public blob container. This blob must be a block blob.


  • When uploading PST files, you could also use UploaderWiz to place them into the BitTitan Azure storage account, but this is limited to 100GB.
  • Use a utility such as Azure Storage Explorer. Or use a preferred third-party uploader utility. Upload the files into the public blob container that was previously created.
  • Use the Microsoft Azure Import/Export Service to transfer data to the public blob storage.
  • Create and use your own PowerShell scripts to upload files.
  • Use a utility such as AZcopy. More information on how to use this with Azure can be found here.




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