Does MigrationWiz support migration of Domino mail-in databases and archive.nsf files?

​​Does MigrationWiz support migration of Domino mail-in databases and archive.nsf files?


Out-of-the-box MigrationWiz does not support migration of mail-in databases. However, with a few configuration steps, MigrationWiz can be configured to support the migration of mail-in databases and archive.nsf files.
Note: The content in this article is specific to Domino mail-in databases, but be aware that this approach is also valid for archive.nsf files. 

A mail-in database must be created using a MAIL type file template, e.g., mail85.ntf, mail9.ntf, etc. Migrations of databases that are created from any other template, that is not a standard Lotus Domino mail-in database template, are not supported.

  1. Create a fake person document on the Domino server.  This fake person is going to be used in the MigrationWiz project when performing the migration.
  2. Make sure the Internet address field is assigned to that person. This internet address will be used in MigrationWiz to identify this migration.
  3. If the LotusExtractor has already been run, delete the "LotusExtractor.csv" file. This file has to be regenerated if any modifications are made in the Domino NAB. Adding an new person is a modification.
  4. Make sure that the administrator account being used for the migration has access to the newly created account. The administrator account will require "Manager" access, including "Delete Documents".
  5. The person's document has to be modified to point the mail file to the mail-in archive to be migrated. After saving "Mail File" modification, the Domino server has to be restarted.
  6. The fake person is migrated as usual, using the regular steps in MigrationWiz.  Make sure to use the fake person's internet address as the Source email address within the migration project. The Destination mailbox will contain the contents of the mail-in or archive database. If calendaring has to be migrated from a mail-in or archive, then the internet address of the fake person in the Domino person document must match the mail-in database internet address.
    Note: This will require either a MigrationWiz - Mailbox license or a User Migration Bundle license, since this migration is being performed as a mailbox migration.
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