MigrationWiz - Are Distribution Lists migrated?

  • Server-based Distribution Lists are not migrated with MigrationWiz since MigrationWiz does not include Distribution List discovery.
  • Personal Distribution Lists are not migrated by MigrationWiz.


  • When referring to Distribution Lists, there is an important distinction between server-based Distribution Lists and personal Distribution Lists. Server-based Distribution Lists appear in the Global Address List, while Personal Distribution Lists are stored locally.
  • Personal Distribution Lists are now called Contact Groups in Office 365.

If you have server-based Distribution Lists, your options include the following:

  • Use Microsoft (e.g., AAD Connect formally known as AAD Sync) to synchronize the Distribution Lists between your Source environment and your Destination environment. 
  • Create your own PowerShell scripts to export and import these. Examples from Microsoft can be found here.
  • Manually recreate the Distribution Lists at the Destination.



  • If migrating from Hosted Exchange, ask the Hosted Exchange provider to export the Distribution Lists to a CSV file, and then import them into Office 365, based on the information in the CSV file.
  • Other Source systems will not have (Exchange) Distribution Lists. Partners should create Distribution Lists post-migration, and then add the necessary users into the Distribution Lists, based on the membership of equivalent groups/Distribution Lists from the Source. 
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