G Suite Field Mappings

Email Field Mappings

  • Migration of all labels/folders.
  • Inbox is mapped to the Inbox system folder of the Destination.
  • Gmail labels conversion:
    • Labels to folders – this is the default behavior.
    • Labels to categories – this option can be set instead (under the project Advanced Options).
  • Labeled items are created in each corresponding folder (Note: This is only if Labels to folders is left as enabled).
  • Folders are mapped purely by name (Note: We rename folders with invalid characters by replacing invalid characters).

The following item types are not migrated:

  • Non-Delivery Report/Receipt (NDR)
  • Delivery Status Notification (DSN)
  • Read receipts
  • Delivery receipts

Calendar Field Mappings

  • The primary calendar of the user is mapped to the calendar system folder of the Destination.
  • Migration of all properties with the following exceptions:
    • Migration of up to one alert (because Exchange has only one alert). Note: This refers to the fact that Google can have several calendar alerts/reminders, but Exchange can have only one. This means that in Google you can have a calendar reminder set to remind you hourly, daily, and even weekly. On Exchange, you can have only one alert (e.g., every hour).
    • Calendar permissions are not migrated.
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