Folders with bidirectional text in Dropbox

Bidirectional text flows in both directions, simultaneously left-to-right and right-to-left. Some writing systems of the world, notably the Arabic and Hebrew scripts, are written in a form known as right-to-left, in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side. This is different from the left-to-right direction used by most languages in the world. When left-to-right text is mixed with right-to-left in the same paragraph, each type of text is written in its own direction, which is known as bidirectional text. 
Folders containing bidirectional text are inaccessible using the Microsoft .NET framework because it does not support URLs with bidirectional characters.
Due to the limitation of the Microsoft .NET framework, we recommend either:
  • Filtering the folder as described in ​this article​.
  • Renaming the folder to avoid any bidirectional text​ in the folder name.
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