Why do mailboxes migrate at different speeds to G Suite?

​​Why do mailboxes sometimes migrate at different speeds to G Suite?


Migration speed is not an exact science; it is subject to a number of variables:

  • Every mailbox goes over a different connector, different server. It has been proven that two connectors with the same software and same hardware does not receive data at the same speed from Office 365 to G Suite.
  • Number of Folders -> Number of Labels can have an influence on the Source and Destination speeds. For example, it has been proven that the more folders you have in Office 365, the longer it takes to reply; it is the same with G Suite.
  • Replication strategy on Destination. If we are migrating during a fail-over or replication-cycle of Google (Google replicates to multiple data centers) to deal with their SLAs requirements, this will result in differing migration speeds being reported at the Destination.

 To help alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding migration speeds, we recommend that you follow a pre-stage migration strategy.

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