Setting up Router Ports for OWA Traffic in On-Premises Exchange Migrations

If you have multiple ports on your router:
Set it up like this:
Set different OWA URLS for each environment. Let’s say SBS Exchange 2003 server has OWA = and Exchange 2013 server has OWA =

If you have just one port on your router, as is the case with some small companies, then you’ll need to either set up port translation and port redirection to handle the traffic routing.
For example, you could add, say, port 4443 to accept traffic for and leave port 443 to accept traffic for

  • Port translation would need to be configured on the router so that incoming traffic on port 4443 would then be translated to port 443.
  • Port redirection would need to be configured on the router so that after translation this traffic would then be redirected (using port redirection) to the new (Destination) Exchange 2013 server.
  • For traffic coming into port 443 there is no port translation. It is just redirected to the old Exchange 2003 (Source) server.


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