Intra-organization Public Folder Migrations


There can only be one instance of a Public Folder in the same environment. Therefore, to migrate a public folder from one location to another within the same environment, the migration must take two steps, as outlined below.

  1. Set up the staging environment. This requires creating a new forest. 
    Note: Since this is only a temporary staging environment, only one server is required, which can hold the Global Catalog, act as the domain controller, and also have Exchange installed.
  2. Create the same users in the staging environment as in the production environment. ADMT is the recommended tool for this:
  3. Migrate Public Folders to the staging environment, by following the Public Folder Migration Guide (kb004927).
  4. Configure Outlook to show Public Folders from more than one Exchange account:
  5. Decommission the original Source Exchange Public Folders.
  6. Migrate from the staging environment to the new Exchange server, by following the instructions in the Public Folder Migration Guide (kb004927).
  7. Reconfigure Outlook so that it no longer shows Public Folders from the staging environment.
  8. Decommission the staging environment.


  • Mapping permissions properly would require creating the same user accounts in the staging environment as in the production environment.
  • You should contact your Sales Account Executive when performing this migration. Since this is a double-hop migration, it will require twice the number of Public Folder migration licenses. Your Sales Account Executive will transfer the 'second' licenses into your MigrationWiz account to ensure that you are not charged twice for your migration. You only need to purchase licenses to cover the first hop.


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