Migrating Extra Contacts from Google

When migrating from Google to an alternative Destination email platform, there are some differences between the field formats on each platform.

How are contacts field mappings handled when migrating from G Suite? details how MigrationWiz handles the field mappings for migration of contacts.

If you have users that have many additional contact fields that are not migrated by default to the Destination, then you can add this Advanced Option to your project. This needs to be added to the support section of your project's Advanced Options.

The Advanced Option is: StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotes=1

With this Advanced Option flag set, when contacts are migrated for the mailbox, the additional contact properties (that cannot be mapped) will be added to the end of the contact notes.

These include the following:

  • Unmapped email addresses
  • Unmapped instant messenger addresses
  • Unmapped phone numbers
  • Unmapped physical addresses
  • Unmapped data-based events (like anniversary)
  • Unmapped relationships (like brother)

You can also add an additional Advanced Option whereby you can define your "header" that will appear above these additional contact properties:

The Advanced Option is:

StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotesPrefix="---- The following properties could not be mapped ---"


  • This needs to be added in addition to the StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotes=1 flag.
  • You can replace everything within the quotation marks with whatever you actually want it to say
  • These need to be added within the Support section, under Support Options.

If you have already performed a migration for the user, then in order to map these additional contact properties, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Delete the contacts from the Destination.
  2. Reset statistics. Click on the Reset Items icon on MigrationWiz dashboard. 
    Note: All migration statistics (speed, number/size of items migrated, etc.) and errors details (number/size of failed items, etc.) will be deleted for all selected items.
  3. Add the Advanced Option: StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotes=1 and StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotesPrefix="DesiredText" (if needed)
    • From the MigrationWiz dashboard, click on Edit Project, and then select Advanced Options.
    • Within the Support section, under Support Options, add the following:
    • StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotes=1
    • Click on the +
    • StoreOverflowGooglePropertiesInNotesPrefix="DesiredText" (replacing DesiredText with whatever you want it to say.
    • Click on Save.
  4. Select one or more mailboxes that you want to remigrate
  5. Click on Start
  6. From the drop-down list, select Full Migration
  7. Deselect all items except Contacts
  8. Click on Start Migration 
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