OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business Migration Guide




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    Edward Canales


    What happens with OfB client when the user is migrated? He download again all data from the new OfB account?

    Is possible zero impact about bandwith?

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    Rob Latino

    Hi Edward Canales,

    MigrationWiz seamlessly migrates documents from the Source to the Destination, along with existing permissions. However, disabling the client sync for the Source, and enabling it for the Destination, must be performed at the individual client machine level. This Microsoft article provides additional information about the OneDrive for Business sync client:

    The only way to lessen bandwidth impact is to perform option 2 as outlined in this article:

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    Edward Canales

    Hi Rob, thanks for your response

    But, I'll remake my question:

    1. The customer have 25 O365 accounts with OfB client installed in their computers, each one with many files synced (10GB avg). This accounts will be migrated to another o365 tenant with same domain name.
    2. I'll use migrationwiz for copy all data OfB and Exchange Online too.
    3. After of migration,turn off the OneDrive service from source O365 tenant.
    4. I go to each client computers and remove account from OfB. I keep the files synced on computer.
    5. I configure the new account O365 (same user logon name) The question is... the files located on computer can be to syncronize with the new o365 account in order to not download again?

    The customer wants low impact for his clients and his bandwidth =/

    Thanks (sorry for my english)

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    Rob Latino

    Hi Edward Canales,

    Thank you for sharing the full details of your project. I've shared this with our technical team and one of our representatives will reach out to you soon with additional information.

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    Jason Cantin

    Hi Rob,

         Just wondering if BitTitan has a tool that will reconfigure the OfB client setting on users workstations.   Similar to the DeploiymentPro tool used for Outlook profiles.



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    Rob Latino

    Hi Jason Cantin,

    We do not. All configuration of the OneDrive for Business client must be done manually.

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    Luis Juarez

    Hi Rob,

    Do you have further information regarding this limitation? & what options are available in these scenarios?

    • Important: Due to API limitations, MigrationWiz is unable to migrate a file greater than 250MB in size.


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    jonathan misran

    HI Rob,

    Thanks for the Onedrive migration guide. Can You give me more informations about permissions ? All permissions (Share wth external users, with users in the tenant ...) are migrate with the files ? 

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    Melody Chua

    Just in case anyone encounters the same issue:

    After I performed the OneDrive migration, the admin account used for the migration appeared as the "Owner" of all users' OneDrive files. I was able to fix this through the following steps (done after the migration):

    1. Log into the Sharepoint admin center; Enable Classic interface if it isn't already on the classic interface.
    2. On the left menu, click on User Profiles
    3. Under People, click Manage User Profiles
    4. In the Find profiles box, search for the affected users' via email address or user alias (most likely, all of the users will be affected)
    5. Click on the user's account name and choose Manage site collection owners
    6. In the Site Collection Administrators box, delete the admin permission. The user's permission should be the only permission in this box.
    7. Repeat for all affected users




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