Bulk change the domain name in migration email addresses


There are two ways you can bulk update the domain name in the email addresses of migration mailboxes:

Why might it be necessary to change the Source or Destination address of all your Users on a MigrationWiz Project?

  • If you are performing a tenant to tenant migration while keeping the same domain name, and you started the migration using the vanity domain on the Source addresses, we recommend using .onmicrosoft.com addresses for both Source and Destination addresses to avoid this.
  • If you just ran Autodiscover on MigrationWiz to discover all your Source mailboxes, and you are migrating into a different Destination email domain.

These examples are two among others that might make it necessary to have to change those addresses.


Use the Change Domains button

MigrationWiz now provides the option of doing a bulk update of email addresses on both the Source and Destination computers, where the change is of the address domain. The image below shows the Change Domains button.



When you click on the Change Domains button, the following box opens to allow you to bulk change the domain associated with mailboxes on the Source or Destination.



Use the BitTitan SDK PowerShell script

  • If the BitTitan SDK is not installed on your computer, the first step will be to download and install it. Our SDK will include the PowerShell and the Management Console modules.

    For more information: Read the How do I install the BitTitan SDK? article.
  • Download the PowerShell script(s) required to make the bulk changes:
  • Both scripts make changes based on a CSV file, that needs two columns, as shown below:

  • It's important that you name column A as "UserPrincipalName" and column B as "NewUPN", because those are the names hard-coded in the script.
    • List all the current addresses in column A.
    • List all the new addresses, with the new domain name, in column B.

      Note: You can obtain those addresses by exporting them via PowerShell when connected to the Source or Destination system (i.e., via the On-Premises Exchange or the Exchange Online PowerShell).

Follow these steps to run the PowerShell scripts:

  1. Once you run the script, the first thing it will do is prompt you to enter your MigrationWiz credentials as shown below.

  2. After entering your credentials, the script will prompt you to enter the MigrationWiz project name, and the location of your CSV file.

  3. Once all the data is inserted, the script runs, and changes all the Source or Destination addresses, as defined in the CSV file.


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