Automate the setup of mail coexistence (forwards) for G Suite using the BitTitan Management Console


When your Source is G Suite, you can automate the setup of mail forwards for mail coexistence for a large number of users by using the BitTitan Management Console. This is a faster and easier method than doing it manually.

To install this console, follow the directions in KB005158.

Once installed, launch the BitTitan Management Console.

  1. Click on Start ​and type BitTitan Management Console to locate and launch the console.
  2. At the Select environment prompt, press Enter to accept the default environment, BT (default).​
  3. In the pop-up window, enter your BitTitan credentials.
  4. Select Option 1 - Manage G Suite.
  5. On the next screen, select Option 1 - Set email forwarding for mailbox.
  6. Select Yes or No to Would you like to import a list from a file? [Y]es or [N]o. Follow the instructions on the console to either import a list or manually type the Email Address and Forwarding Address.​



  • To ensure proper mail flow when setting forwards with G Suite as your Source, follow the directions in KB004916.
  • If your Source environment is Exchange, and you want to set up forwards either via PowerShell or manually, follow the directions in KB004315.
  • The BitTitan Management Console sets up mail forwarding with a local copy as a safeguard to prevent possible data loss.  You may see another copy of the forwarded message in All Mail (archive) when using MigrationWiz to complete the final migration pass.  You may avoid migrating the forwarded messages in All mail from the Source by setting a date range filter. KB005135​    
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