Bulk Add Forwarding Addresses in G Suite

 Use the BitTitan Management Console to bulk add forwarding addresses to Source mailboxes in G Suite. The BitTitan Management Console is part of the BitTitan PowerShell, which can be downloaded and installed by following the instructions in the How do I install the BitTitan SDK? article.

​Complete the following prerequisites before adding the forwarding addresses:

  • Create a subdomain of your primary vanity domain, and add that subdomain to the Destination environment. For example, if your vanity domain is mining88.com and the Destination is Office 365, create the subdomain o365.mining88.com and add it to Office 365 for Exchange Online.
  • Make sure that all the users at the Destination have a secondary address for the routing subdomain you are using. For example, john@o365.mining88.com should be a secondary SMTP address of John's account at the Destination. 
  • Add the appropriate MX record to ensure that all email sent to the subdomain is routed to the Destination environment​. Before implementing the forwarding addresses, test the mail flow by sending an email to the forwarding address (for example, john@o365.mining88.com) and confirming that it is delivered to the Destination.
  • Make sure you have the MigrationWiz project configured correctly with the G Suite admin's email address and domain configured in the Source connector.
  • Navigate to %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\BitTitan and, if it is present, delete the GoogleOAuthDataStore file. This is to eliminate any Google caching from interfering. 
  • Log in to your G Suite tenant with the admin's account from your browser.
Complete the following steps to bulk add forwarding addresses to Source mailboxes in G Suite.
  1. Open the BitTitan Management Con​sole, and sign in with your MSPComplete account credentials.
    • Select Manage G Suite.
    • Select Set email forwarding for mailbox.
  2. When asked if you would like to import a list from a file, select Y or N.  If Y, you are asked if you want to import a list from a file. When prompted to enter the full path of the file, if you do not have a file ready, press Enter and a blank file will be created for you. Enter all of the email addresses and forwarding addresses in the file.
  3. Close and save the file when you have finished editing it.
  4. In the BitTitan Management Console, select Y when asked if you are finished editing the import file.
  5. A browser window opens, prompting you to sign in to the G Suite account in which the mailboxes are managed. Note: You may already be signed in to a G Suite account. Verify that you are logged in as the G Suite administrator account used in your MigrationWiz project.
  6. Click Allow to give the console the necessary permissions.
  7. Once allowed, all users who were defined in the file import will have the forwarding address set in the G Suite mailbox settings.​

For more information on how to set up a forwarding address in G Suite, read the Automatically forward emails to another account article from Google.​


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