Estimate Azure Storage costs for migrations

 Several migration types require that you have an Azure account. These include Google Vault, PST, file server file share, and file server home directory migrations. In these migrations, data moves to Microsoft Azure Blob storage, and then MigrationWiz transfers the data to the Destination.

In these scenarios, you will incur a fee from Microsoft only for the Azure storage. Data transfer fees are only incurred with cross-region, and total egress, from Azure traffic. As explained below, there should be no outbound data transfer fees for this migration, because your Azure storage needs to be in the same region as the Destination tenant, for the migration.

If Office 365 is the destination, then MigrationWiz includes logic which checks for the region of the Destination tenant, and will then utilize migration workers only from that same region.


  • If your Azure storage is in the same region as the tenant, then there will be no outbound storage fees, regardless of the number of transfers per project.

Below in an explanation of why the above logic has been implemented, in order to prevent outbound data transfer fees.

When does MigrationWiz transfer data more than once?

Under certain conditions, MigrationWiz will transfer data more than one time. These are some of the scenarios in which MigrationWiz will transfer data from your blob storage more than one time:

  • Restarting a migration after the maximum error count is reached
  • Restarting a migration after the maximum license consumption is reached
    • Note: Both of the above limits are set in the project's Advanced Options screen.
  • Restarting a migration after a failed pass
  • Restarting a migration after pausing it

In each of these scenarios, when you restart the migration, MigrationWiz starts from the beginning. 

Visit the Microsoft Azure Pricing Calculator website to estimate your Azure storage costs. 

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