How do I uninstall DeploymentPro?


DeploymentPro is a module of the BitTitan Device Management Agent (DMA).

There is no uninstall process specific to DeploymentPro. However, DMA can be uninstalled through your MSPComplete customer dashboard, by the following these steps:

  • Log in to your MSPComplete dashboard.
  • From the list of customers in the left hand navigation panel, select your customer.
  • From the list of options in the top navigation bar, click on Computers.
  • Checkmark the box next to the computer name that you want to uninstall DMA from. Note: You can click on View Users to see which users are using each computer.
  • Click on the Uninstall Device Management button.
  • In the modal pop-pup window, click on the Yes, Uninstall the agent button.


Manually uninstall the Device Management Agent from customer computers

DMA may fail to uninstall using the process outline above for various reasons. You have to manually uninstall DMA if the agent continues to run on a computer after requesting uninstall from the customer's computer Page.

Complete these steps to manually uninstall DMA from customer computers:

    1. Download the DMA installer from MSPComplete by following the instructions in the How do I deploy the Device Management Agent with a Group Policy Object? article. This does not have to be the same installer you used for the original installation; it can be run with any DMA installer from any project.
    2. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
    3. Navigate to the directory containing the executable that you downloaded in Step 1.
    4. Type the full executable file name appending -uninstall as shown below and press Enter.


      Note: This ends all DMA processes, removes the service and scheduled tasks, and deletes associated files except for a few minor setup logs that shouldn't cause issues by being left behind.


    • We recommend that you keep DMA installed, even after modules, such as HealthCheck for Office 365 and DeploymentPro, have been run.
    • If a Group Policy Object (GPO) was created to auto-install DMA on computers that are not running DMA, this will cause DMA to be reinstalled. To exclude a computer from a GPO, follow the directions in the TechNet article here.
    • Further modules will be added to DMA in the future, which will feed your MSPComplete dashboard with cross-sell and upsell suggestions, and provide information about your customer end user environment.
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