How do I turn off Calendar Assistant in Office 365?

​​How do I turn off Calendar Assistant in Office 365?


Calendar Assistant in Office 365 can break meetings and recurring meetings in Outlook and OWA. We recommend that Calendar Assistant is turned off at the start of any migration. This feature can be turned again on after the migration has completed. There is no negative impact when Calendar Assistant is turned off.

Use PowerShell to create a remote session to Office 365 to execute the following commands:

$cred= Get-Credential

$o365= New-PsSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $cred -AllowRedirection -Authentication Basic

Import-PsSession $o365 –Prefix o365

Get-o365Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-o365Mailbox -CalendarRepairDisabled $true

The Calendar Assistant is now disabled for all mailboxes in the Office 365 tenant. It can be enabled again by using this PowerShell command:

Get-o365Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited | Set-o365Mailbox -CalendarRepairDisabled $false


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