How do I enable Lotus Notes MIME content logging?

Lotus Notes MIME content logging can be enabled by adding the following support option within the Advanced Options of a project or user(s):  



Explanation of syntax:

Key = LotusDumpMimeContent

Value = the subject of the email




(This will store the MIME content for all email)


(This will store the MIME content only for email with the subject "Welcome")



  • The output is dumped to a text file named LotusDumpMimeContent.txt. This file should be attached to any support tickets which involve such troubleshooting of MIME content.

  • This text file will be in the same folder as the Lotus Extractor that is being used for the project.
  • It dumps the MIME content for one, several or all email. This is useful to determine if the MIME content was properly generated by the Lotus MIME conversion library.
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