How do I enable Autodiscover again when migrating from a Hosted Exchange Provider?


​​​​How do I enable Autodiscover again, when migrating from a Hosted Exchange Provider, so that users can create new profiles via Autodiscover, or use DeploymentPro to automate the configuration of new Outlook profiles?



Typically, when migrating to a Hosted Exchange platform, the provider will provide a registry key that needs to be hard set for each user. This will point the Autodiscover record to the specific customer tenant within the Hosted Exchange providers' multi-tenanted environment.

This needs to be deleted from each users' registry, so that:

  • Autodiscover can be used by users to create new Outlook profiles


  • DeploymentPro can handle the Autodiscover requests, and connect these directly to Office 365.


Create a Group Policy Object (GPO) to delete the following registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Microsoft\Office\(current version)\Outlook\AutoDiscover\RedirectServers

In this folder, there will be a registry key that has an IP address. This key needs to be deleted.

Once deleted, the Registry folder, under RedirectServers, should look like the screenshot below.


When to run the GPO

The GPO should be run after the MX records have been cut over.


  • Once this registry key is removed, ​​Out Of Office (OOF) and Offline Address Book (OAB) will stop working for Outlook. Do not remove the registry key until right before or after MX record cutover.
  • It will not affect already set OOF and Outlook will just use the older OAB.

If using DeploymentPro, follow these steps in order:

  1. Switch over MX records.
  2. Create and run GPO to delete the registry key.
  3. Within your MSPComplete portal, activate the DeploymentPro module for your users and set the Schedule Cutover date to a date/time after the GPO has been run.


  • A full checklist to follow when using DeploymentPro in conjunction with MigrationWiz can be found in the DeploymentPro guide here.
  • DeploymentPro is recommended when migrating from Hosted Exchange providers, rather than using Autodiscover because, in addition to automating the configuration of new Outlook profiles (rather than having users create new profiles themselves), DeploymentPro will do the following:
    • Import the signatures from the previous default profile
    • Reattach any PST files that are configured in the previous default profile
    • Import the auto-complete cached email addresses from the previous default profile
  • If migrating to Office 365, ​the Outlook Web Access portal can be used by users until the GPO has been run and DeploymentPro has configured their Outlook profiles. The URL for the Outlook Web Access portal is
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