How do I handle corrupt items during a migration?

​​How do I handle corrupt items during a migration?


If a mailbox has a very large number of corrupt items, migration speeds will be reduced because MigrationWiz will repeatedly attempt to retry migrating these corrupt items before logging them as an error.

In such circumstances, the following approach is recommended:

  • Stop existing migrations.
  • In project Advanced Options, select the check box labeled Do not retry errors.
  • Increase the value for Maximum errors per migration to a very high number, such as 500.


  • The default value is set to 100.
  • The determination of whether a migration is a success or failure is based on the number of items that failed to migrate.
  • Refer to KB004352 for more information on how item failure limits are defined.

See the screen shot below for an example:




  • Checkmark the box labeled Log subjects of failed items.

log subjects of failed items.PNG


  • Perform the migration.
  • Once the migration completes, from your top-level project list dashboard, click on the pie chart icon. This will send an email to the SMTP email address that is registered to your BitTitan account.

send project statistics.jpg


  • This CSV file will provide a detailed error list, with subject headings included. 

Note: ​If those items are corrupted, they will never be able to be migrated with MigrationWiz. At this point, the best approach is to share this error list with the end user. If they are deemed to be important messages, you can either manually forward them to the Destination mailbox, or export-import them via a PST file (refer to​ for more information on these steps).


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