Lotus Notes Error: How do I get more information about items failing with MIME Transfer Encoding errors?

How do I get more information about items failing with MIME Transfer Encoding errors?


​​When a Lotus Notes 6.5+ migration encounters items with invalid MIME Transfer Encoding, MigrationWiz attempts to fix this automatically. If the attempt to fix the MIME Transfer Encoding failures, MigrationWiz can dump the MIME header of the object(s) and save them for analysis if the Advanced Option "LotusDumpEmailHeaderOnError=1" has been enabled. This Advanced Option will dump MIME header information for items where an attempt to fix MIME Transfer Encoding fails. 

An example case of MIME Transfer Encoding that will fail would be auto-generated email on Domino servers containing a corrupt (or non-standard) data format. Another instance would be a migration in which some data is missing after migration.

After enabling the Advanced Option "LotusDumpEmailHeaderOnError=1" and resubmitting the migration, the MIME header information of failed items is dumped to a file named "LotusDumpMIMEHeader.txt" on the migration server. This file is located in this location: \Users\%current_user%\AppData\Local\LotusExtractor in the most recent app- folder (example: app-1.0.00526.28586).​

Note: We support Lotus versions from 6.5 to 9.0.1. Versions after 9.0.1 are not supported.

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