What is the end user experience when DeploymentPro reconfigures their Outlook profile?


​What is the end user experience when DeploymentPro reconfigures their Outlook profile?


When a user logs on to their machine, after the DeploymentPro Schedule Cutover Scheduled Date/Time has occurred, they will see a Desktop pop-up appear, like the screenshot below. 

Note: The BitTitan logo and supporting text can be replaced with your own company logo and branded text. This can be set when configuring your customer DeploymentPro module, as detailed in KB005577.



Once the user clicks on Next, the subsequent page will prompt them to enter their credentials.


  • Users need to add their Destination email password in the Password field and click on the Next button.


Note: If the user is in a Tenant to Tenant with Coexistence migration, as detailed in the Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Guide - While Changing the Domain Name – with Coexistence article, they will get this Create Password screen instead of the Provide Outlook Credentials screen.



Once the credentials have been validated, users will see the following page:


Users can now begin their Outlook profile reconfiguration by clicking on the Next button.

If users do not have Outlook, Skype for Business or Lync open, the profile configuration will proceed.

If users currently do have Outlook, Skype for Business or Lync open, they will see the following page:


They should then click on the Close the Application(s) button.

Outlook will be closed for them, and the profile configuration will proceed.

The configuration could take several minutes. During this time, a new profile is being created based on the previous default profile.

The following actions are occurring during this timeframe:

  • Non-password protected PST files that were attached to the previous default profile will be reattached to the new profile.
  • Autocompletes (cached addresses) will be imported over to the new profile.

Once the new profile has been created, the following page pop-up will be displayed:

The user can now click on the Finish button and begin using Outlook again.

The user's new profile will be configured to access the new Destination email system.

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