Cloning a MigrationWiz Project and Moving Items Between Them

 To clone an existing project:

  • Open MigrationWiz
  • Go to your list of projects and open the project you want to clone
  • Click on the Edit Project drop-down, and select Clone Project
  • clone_1_marked.png
  • On the Clone This Project page, name the new project then click on the Clone Project button at the bottom of the page.clone_4_marked.png
  • Now you have a clone of the original project with the same endpoints and Advanced Option settings.
    • Note: This does not clone the line items in the project if any are present. To have line items present in both projects, open the new project and re-add them using the Add-From MSPComplete option under the Add button in the dashboard.

To move items from one project to another:

  • Select the line item you wish to move with the checkbox system on the left, then click on the Move Items icon.clone_2_marked.png
  • Now select the project you want to move the items to, and click on Move Items.
  • The items selected will now be moved to the selected project

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