Does DeploymentPro work with ADFS?


The BitTitan Device Management Agent (DMA) and DeploymentPro do support certain environments where ADFS is enabled.​
When ADFS is enabled, we suggest running a Proof of Concept, to ensure full compatibility.
ADFS has been fully tested and verified in the following scenario:
  • Default claim rules were set, which allow everyone to connect via ADFS.
  • All authentication requests were set to come from the client machines.

Note: Typically, ADFS and AADConnect (or DirSync) are set up to support a hybrid environment. In such cases, you could perform a mailbox move using Mailbox Replication Services (MRS). As part of this process, the existing profile would be reconfigured automatically to point to the new Destination location, so DeploymentPro would not be required anyway.


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