How do I add multiple entries to a line item in MigrationWiz?

​How do I add multiple entries to a line item in MigrationWiz?


This article should be followed if you need to add multiple entries to a single line item within your MigrationWiz PST migration project.

Common scenarios for this are:

  • When performing a PST migration, where users have multiple small PST files that are being ingested into the same Destination mailbox.


The instructions below refer to PST migrations, where you have multiple Source items being ingested into a single Destination item.

If a user has more than one PST file, then multiple PST files can be added to a single line item within MigrationWiz.

Note: If you use Autodiscover to discover all the PST files that were uploaded to your Azure container, MigrationWiz will place each PST file onto an individual line. This will result in one (1) archive license being used per line. If a user has multiple PST files that will be ingested into the same Destination mailbox,  the steps below should be followed in order to avoid consuming additional unnecesary licenses.


Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the line item that you want to edit.
  • Under the section entitled Source: PST, click on the + sign (the Add button).
  • Under the field labeled PST Path, enter the name of the PST file.
  • Repeat this process for each additional PST file.



  • The MigrationWiz User Interface only allows for up to five (5) PST files to be added this way. However, you can add five (5) at a time, and then replace them with an additional five (5), and repeat as necessary.
  • Statistics are tracked per line item. Each archive license allows for up to 10GB of data to be migrated. Once the total of all PST files per line equals 10GB, the migration will stop. At that point, you would need to increase the licensing count under your MigrationWiz project Advanced Options to equal a number higher than the total number of licenses required. For example, if the total of all PST files per line item is 37GB,  increase the licensing count to 4. (Note: Items with less than 10GB of data will not be effected by this change, and will not consume any additional unnecessary licenses.) To avoid your migrations pausing at 10GB, set this licensing count ahead of time. For more information on increasing the licensing count, refer to "How do I enable consumption of multiple licenses for a single item?".


Below is a screen shot of the User Interface, once the pencil icon has been clicked on:


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