Can I set up DeploymentPro with Multiple Domains?


DeploymentPro can be set up with multiple domains by following these steps:.



  1. If this is the first time setting up DeploymentPro, click All Products and select DeploymentPro.
  2. Click on the Customer you are configuring the deployment for. This will automatically open the Module Configuration page.
    Note: If you have previously configured the DMA, then in your MSPComplete DeploymentPro module dashboard, click Settings in the top right.
  3. In the Module Configuration/Domain Name field, enter the domain name, after the "@" sign.
  4. Click Auto-populate.
  5. Set Client Interface Configurations for the domain. 
    Note: You can set different logos and instructional text for each domain.
  6. Click Save and Continue to return to the DeploymentPro module dashboard.
  7. In the Search field, enter the new domain name. The dashboard will update to display only the names containing the selected domain name.
  8. To activate the DeploymentPro module for users, refer to Step 6 in the DeploymentPro Guide.
  9. To schedule the profile cutover date, refer to Step 7 in the DeploymentPro Guide.

Alternatively, you can use PowerShell to run these steps. For instructions, see the Use PowerShell to run the DeploymentPro module.


  • To return to the previous list of users, in the Search field, enter the domain name.
  • If the user list that returns from Search is empty, click the back button to return to the previous list of users.



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