Lotus Notes Error: Resources Rooms in Lotus Notes Migrations

​​ Why are resource rooms not included as recipients when updating appointments after Lotus Notes migrations?
After a migration, when you are updating or canceling a meeting, in some cases the location may not autopopulate in the "To" field as a recipient for the update. This happens when the resource room name in the Destination does not map to the resource room name of the original meeting.
  • Lotus resource room SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainA is migrated to Destination resource room SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainB.com.
  • SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainB.com is configured with display name SeattleConferenceRoom12.
  • A meeting with Lotus resource room location SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainA is migrated.
  • User opens the meeting to update or cancel, and the resource room SeattleConferenceRoom12 is not autopopulated in the "To" field.
This happens because resource names in the Destination needs to be consistent with the corresponding Lotus resource room location names. In the example, the Lotus resource room location for the meeting is SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainA, and the corresponding Destination resource room has a different display name of SeattleConferenceRoom12. This is resolved by updating the display name of the Destination resource room to match the original resource room location, which in this example is SeattleConferenceRoom12@DomainA​.
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