Setting the Azure location for Google Vault migrations

This is a two-part process.

1. Set the Azure location during the initial upload to Azure.

  • If you want to upload to a specific data center, and are using the UploaderWiz utility, be sure to include the command line parameter: azurelocation (available options are: gov (government), ger (Germany), china (China), as documented in Getting Started with UploaderWiz.
  • If you want to upload to a specific data center, and are using AZCopy, refer to this TechNet article on how to specify the URL when using AZCopy. More information can be found in Set up and configure the Google Vault Extractor.
    • Here is an example PowerShell script, which will provide you with the URl to enter:
$storageUri = (Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -Name $StorageAccountName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName).PrimaryEndpoints.Blob

It will return a URl like this one: “”, which is what should be entered for the URl.

2. Set the MigrationWiz Advanced Option GoogleVaultCustomEndpointSuffix=Azure URI during migration, so that the migration servers know to look for PST files in that location.

  • From your MigrationWiz project Advanced Options, under Support/Support options, add GoogleVaultCustomEndpointSuffix=Azure URI .
    • Note: The Azure URI needs to be changed to one of the following values:
      • (China)
      • (Germany)

      • (government)

It is important to understand that if Germany is chosen, data will still securely leave the country during migration, because compute resources are outside of the country.

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