Setting the Azure location for Google Vault migrations


This is a two-part process.

1. Set the Azure location during the initial upload to Azure.

  • If you want to upload to a specific data center, and are using the UploaderWiz utility, be sure to include the command line parameter: azurelocation (available options are: gov (government), ger (Germany), china (China), as documented in KB004997.
  • If you want to upload to a specific data center, and are using AZCopy, refer to this TechNet article on how to specify the URL when using AZCopy. More information can be found in KB004975.
    • Here is an example PowerShell script, which will provide you with the URl to enter:
$storageUri = (Get-AzureRmStorageAccount -Name $StorageAccountName -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroupName).PrimaryEndpoints.Blob

It will return a URl like this one: “”, which is what should be entered for the URl.

2. Set the MigrationWiz Advanced Option GoogleVaultCustomEndpointSuffix=Azure URI during migration, so that the migration servers know to look for PST files in that location.

  • From your MigrationWiz project Advanced Options, under Support/Support options, add GoogleVaultCustomEndpointSuffix=Azure URI.
    • Note: The Azure URI needs to be changed to one of the following values:
      • (China)
      • (Germany)

      • (government)

Note: It is important to understand that if Germany is chosen, data will still securely leave the country during migration, because compute resources are outside of the country.

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