Lotus Extractor FAQ

Why are there frequent updates being made to the Lotus Extractor?

The Lotus Notes Extractor is part of a larger system which is built using "Continuous integration". The larger system depends on other supporting libraries (logging, reporting etc.), which must be rebuilt continuously to remain synchronized.

The entire system is deployed at once, which results in the daily updates.


Is there any way to make the Lotus Notes Extractor more self healing? 

We have added significant code to try to react to certain errors that are thrown by the IBM Lotus Notes Client itself (unfortunately we do not have control over this library)

In some cases we are able to reset the connection and retry the request.


Have you ever set up the Lotus Notes Extractor to restart itself on a regular basis using PowerShell or batch? 

Currently we don't have any evidence that periodic restarts are going to give a benefit but this is also something that could be implemented at the customer-VM level.

The architecture of our software is such that we actually start a new Windows Process for each mailbox extraction so this gives us a level of protection.

Unfortunately the IBM client does use Windows shared memory so this can cause issues between those processes. Sometimes Windows has trouble killing these processes.

In such cases we recommend a full reboot in order to clear out any IBM Lotus Notes process, threads or blocks of shared memory as the best remediation strategy.


Is there any way to set it up as a service so that it doesn't need to be installed with the user profile of the admin? 

Not currently but we will add this as a feature request into our system.


How many mailboxes can be migrated at a time?

You can migrate up to 15 mailboxes simultaneously. Once you have created your migration project, go to MigrationWiz advanced options and set the number of concurrent migrations to 15. For guidance, see How do I specify how many items to migrate simultaneously?


Where should the Lotus Extractor be deployed?

Deploy the Lotus Extractor to the same local area network where the target Domino server is located. However, do not deploy the extractor to a computer on which the Domino server is deployed.
Deploy no more than one extractor instance to a given computer.

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