How do I migrate from GroupWise?

​How do I migrate from GroupWise?​


To migrate from GroupWise, perform these steps:

  • From GroupWise 6.5 or earlier:
    1. Enable IMAP endpoint on the POA (just above the Enable SOAP checkbox) of your GroupWise system.
    2. Specify IMAP as the Source type when creating your MigrationWiz mailbox migration project, NOT GroupWise.
    3. Specify the IMAP host name and port number. Typically port 143 without SSL/TLS and 993 with SSL/TLS.
    4. To migrate using GroupWise administrative credentials, we support Trusted Application key authentication for IMAP.


  • From GroupWise 7+:
    1. Enable the SOAP endpoint on the POA of your GroupWise system.
    2. Specify GroupWise 7+ as the Source type when creating your MigrationWiz mailbox migration project.
    3. Specify the GroupWise SOAP URL on your project.
    4. Open port 7191 in your firewall. Should you require an IP lockdown, click here.
    5. To migrate using GroupWise administrative credentials, specify the Trusted Application Key on your connector.

Some deployments of GroupWise (e.g., GroupWise on NetWare due to bugs in its code) crash when accessed over SOAP. If so, you will need to create two connectors:

  1. One for IMAP ​-> only emails will be migrated (migrating only emails over IMAP means fewer or no crashes)
  2. One for SOAP -> configured to NOT migrate emails (make sure only contacts, appointments and tasks are enabled in the object type filter)

If you want to use this approach, you simply need to move the mailboxes between Projects to submit without having to “burn” another license (using a Full/Delta pass instead).  Click on the Move icon and follow the instructions to move the mailbox to a different Project:


Moving mailboxes from one connector to another is safe; all statistics, as well as the ability to resubmit using mailbox migration licenses, are preserved.

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