How will Suggested Contacts and Autocomplete Lists be migrated?

​​How will Suggested Contacts and Autocomplete Lists be migrated?​


It is important to understand the difference between Autocomplete Lists and Suggested Contacts.

Autocomplete Lists

When email addresses are typed in, Outlook remembers them and can offer autocompletion when adding recipients to a new email message. The Autocomplete List stores email addresses in a server-side hidden file. Therefore, those contacts remain accessible when a user has multiple computers running Outlook 2010 or later.

Note: If you are using the DeploymentPro product to automate the configuration of Outlook profiles, Autocomplete Lists will be migrated over to the new profile, as part of the process. The DeploymentPro Guide provides more information on the steps to follow to run DeploymentPro projects. If you are using DeploymentPro, you will not have to manually migrate these.

Suggested Contacts

Suggested Contacts is a special contact folder introduced with Exchange 2010 and was removed in Exchange 2013. This folder creates contacts for each new address a user sends email to.


This table shows which type of contacts are supported by Outlook/Exchange, depending on the version.

Type 2010 2013
Autocomplete List (mailbox data)  x   x 
Suggested Contacts  x   ​​
  • Autocomplete Lists:
    • From Exchange Server 2003 / 2007 (.Nk2 file): MigrationWiz will not migrate these. This process must be done manually.
    • From Exchange Server 2010 / 2013 / 2016 (server-side file): MigrationWiz will not migrate these. The DeploymentPro product will migrate these. If you are not using DeploymentPro, the process must be completed manually.
  • Suggested Contacts:
    • From Exchange Server 2003 / 2007 / 2013 / 2016: Not applicable.
    • From Exchange Server 2010: Will be migrated by MigrationWiz.

 Note: Autocomplete Lists and Suggested Contacts cannot be migrated if the Source Exchange server is unavailable.

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