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Can I schedule a migration to automatically start/stop at a specific time?




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    Peter Rowe

    That's not really good enough.   It would be much better to


    a)  Specify a "time window" in which the migration is permistted to happen

    b) have the migration stop automatically once the migration "Time Window" is breached, and start again when it should.

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    Wes Gale

    This is unacceptable.

    My client's upload speed is the reason of switching to o365 so all their staff offsite don't saturate their office connection.

    Your statement of "Therefore, setting a low concurrency value on your connector is an effective way to control bandwidth usage" is a complete joke because setting it to 1 mailbox fully saturates my client's upload. so the true effectiveness of that is 0. and i have to go on every morning and stop the migration and resume it ever night. 

    not impressed.

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