Migrating Calendars with a Gmail Account

G Suite supports calendar sharing. For each mailbox, we only migrate calendars owned by the user (i.e., not calendars owned by other users). In most cases, conference room calendars will not be migrated.

From a technical standpoint, calendars that will be migrated are those for which the migrated user has:

  • Permission level of owner, or
  • Permission level of root, and
    1. The author is either not specified, or
    2. The author is the migrated user, i.e., is not a different user.

For the purposes of calendar migration, "make changes and manage sharing" permissions are equivalent to calendar ownership.

For a technical reference of calendar sharing permissions, click this link. To filter specific folders including calendar folders, click this link.

Note: You may add the Support option MigrateGmailAllCalendar=1 which will migrate all calendar items for a user. The default without this flag is to migrate only calendar items owned by the user.


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